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As your integrative problematic eating counsellor,
my mission is to empower you to change your relationship and behavior around food and heal for good!


  • Young woman tired of diet restrictions deciding whether to eat healthy food or sweet cookies she is craving sitting at table isolated white background. Human face expression emotion. Nutrition conceptAre you tired of being defeated, frustrated, and anxious around food, shape and or weight?
  • Are you tired of being on and off of the diet cycle, never experiencing any lasting results?
  • Are you sick of turning to food for every reason other than simply for nourishment?
  • Even though you have every intention of eating in a healthy and conscious way, are you exhausted of waking up in or after a food trance?
  • Are you done with making promises every day to do it differently, hiding from your ” trigger foods” and having rules for yourself around being ” good”?

Hello, I’m Shelley Ugyan, certified integrative health counsellor and problematic eating specialist. I offer 1:1 support, group programs and I also teach other health professionals this life changing work.

Emerging Jewel is about empowering women to come back to their true essence- the precious jewel that we all innately, naturally are. I teach problematic eaters the essential tools to break free and embrace a relationship with food that is loving, nurturing and enjoyable! My primary approach is the Cognitive Behavioral Approach, the tool of choice for coping with and mastering stress, anxiety and problematic eating.

As a seasoned wellness counsellor, I often need to use a bio-individual focused approach to break the specific thoughts and behaviors that create the illusion of food addiction specific for each person. While problem solving is also a focus in each session, individuals will be very active in their own recovery and while transformation is a process, it often begins in the first session.

woman deciding whether to eat healthy food or sweet cookiesTogether we will:


  • Embrace health and let go of destructive behaviors;
  • Transform the thinking that has you stuck;
  • Create your peaceful relationship with food;
  • Love who you are and the person you want to become.

Supporting Emotional & Compulsive Problematic Eaters with any issues of:

  • Stress and Anxiety/Fear
  • Weight Loss
  • Diet and Health Issues
  • Dealing with Food Cravings
  • Personal Boundaries
  • Depression
  • Emotional and Compulsive Eating
  • Overeating
  • Implementing Exercise Programs
  • Over-Exercise
  • Codependency
  • Reprogramming Negative Cognitions
  • Anger, Resentments
  • Self Esteem & Low Self-image

When you lose the weight, you don't lose the beliefs that drive you to food, you have to understand the root of why you're eating.

Programs and Services…

12 Week Group Program for Problematic Eaters

  • Weekly in depth Group Coaching Calls
  • 12 week working manual (published book)
  • Unlimited emails support
  • One to One Session with Shelley
  • Online Facebook group to connect with others
  • Meditation and mindfulness training

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One to One Programs

  • Locally in Vancouver, BC
  • Online one to one help via Skype or Google Hangouts
  • Confidential and Supportive Environment
  • Online support throughout the one to one program

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Program for Professionals to Work with Clients

  • 12 week manual on how to end problematic eating
  • Learn the cognitive behavioural approach to change distorted thinking
  • Shift clients black and white thinking
  • 6 recorded calls and unlimited email support during 30 day program

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“Shelley’s wisdom and compassionate counselling skills comes from a deep place of personal experience, dedicated practice and continual learning.  Having the opportunity to work with her will be a wonderful gift to yourself!”

Deborah Dunn, New York

“Shelley mentored me through the most challenging time in my life. Her loving and light energy was indispensable to me. Shelley is light and full of humour, with a deep spiritual discipline that influences all that she does. She is a loving and empowering woman. ”

Nadia C., Vancouver

“Thank you for your leadership and encouragement as I embark on a path of Optimal Health for myself, family, and friends. Your knowledge and guidance have proved to be invaluable and is greatly appreciated! ”

Suzanne , Vancouver

“Shelley is a true inspiration for those ready to transform their health and wellness. Her generous nature, warm spirit and gentle words of encouragement leave you thinking that you can conquer whatever is standing in your way! I feel so blessed to have worked with Shelley!”

Nicole Beardsley, Australia

About Shelley

My healing journey began several years ago when I was ready to CHANGE MY THINKING and to choose not to remain a prisoner of the destructive eating patterns I had caused due to my unhealthy thinking patterns. I had become imprisoned in my own body and this war spilled outwards as disordered eating, alcohol abuse, and depression. It was affecting every area of my life. Learning that I had the power to change my thoughts and therefore my life, allowed me to go on an incredible journey of illumination and self discovery.  Meet Shelley…

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