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Little Pep Talk- Big Message :)

When you look back over your time in business, do you feel as though you have been in 100%, not only with energy, but also with alignment and clarity on how and who you serve?

Or did you hold yourself back? Not allowing yourself to fully dive in with both feet, because of fear or hesitation of some kind?

You thought you might not make it
You didn’t think you were ready
You were way too busy

Or you simply didn’t know if you COULD?

Most new entreprenerus deny themselves of fully stepping into their business, they deny themselves of things they want, because they simply don’t ALLOW themselves to have it. They are constantly denying themselves of what they want, what feels good.

But listen,
You DO have what it takes.
You ARE ready.
You AREN’T too busy.

What you don’t have, and what you NEED to have, is the ability to tell yourself YES. Practice saying yes to yourself over and over and over again.
Because YOU are important, your needs and your wants are important, your feelings and desires are important!

Let yourself fully embrace this opportunity. I’m not saying to raid your savings account and go buy every training that comes around. I’m not saying to quit your day job if it is providing stability as you build your business. And I’m most definitely not saying to ignore your gut and listen to what everyone else in business is telling you.

What I AM saying is that you need to stop saying no to YOU. You MUST be 100% in if you want to succeed.
Take action on that NOW. Your gut never, ever lies. If it’s telling you that you need to do this thing…

DO IT. Without thinking. Without second-guessing. Without over-analyzing.
Just say YES to the what and figure out the how later. The how always becomes apparent as soon as you allow yourself to trust your gut and take action immediately.

It’s amazing what incredible things can happen when you just allow yourself to trust your gut!
I remember when I hired my last coach for over $20,000. My gut said I had to do it, my head was like “… NO, that’s way too much money”! I had no idea where the money would come from, but because my gut said YES, I knew I had to find a way to make it happen.

So I said yes, and had half of it covered in less than a month.
The money continues to flow, I have paid off my coach with ease, and learned so much from him that I know my investment was well worth it.
When I listen to myself, and trust with two feet in, I have never regretted it.
Do that- just listen, and trust…you wont regret it- I promise!

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How to Clear Blocks and Get Unstuck..Its Not What you Think

How do you really clear those suffocating blocks that prevent your from creating the abundance you want and enable you to start feeling clear, confident and successful as a coach?

Most coaches will tell you to pick up a book on money mindset and to start throwing those affirmations on your fridge on a daily basis.They might encourage Tony Robins podcasts and perhaps a self help seminar. And all of these are okay options..but they will not clear the blocks for good.

What most people don’t understand is really how our thoughts affect our patterns, behavior and overall life trajectory, and that there is a specific process to really shake things up here- and shift them altogether! Its about really shifting the internal thermostat of your thinking blueprint altogether! let me break it down for you…

If the weather gets warm outside the temperature rises inside, but eventually falls back to that regulated thermostat shortly thereafter SO, you have to change the thermostat in order to have consistency. The same is true in your life; the thermostat can only change to the extent that you do. Identifying and changing your ‘thermostat’ is the catalyst for the change you seek.

Ok, So WHY change this darn internal thermostat so you STAY free of blocks and discouragement, overwhelm and lack of clarity??


  • This way you can respond appropriately rather than reacting to events and situations by the fears and insecurities of the past-conscious choice.
  • You will start to see that the conditioning is not who you are but who you learned to be.
  • You start to realize, It is all about perception: nothing has meaning except the meaning you give it
  • Thoughts lead to feelings which lead to action which lead to results..and so in this process your RESULTS change simply by you doing this work!!!

I am committed to helping coaches break through these blocks for good and making momentum while being congruent in their practice- this is SO, so important. I see too many coaches trying to do the things that are not connected to their purpose or their brand, and feeling stuck and frustrated day after day.

My 1:1 practice will be shifting in the new year and so I am offering a very intimate opportunity for only six, 1:1 mentorship spots for the next three months ( Oct- Jan). These spots are only for those who are ready to move forward powerfully in their business in the new year and want to create a solid income as a coach in 2017 with systems, structure and a powerful mindset in place. If you are a self starter and committed to your won growth and development, this might be a fit for you! 3 Month Mentorship Program here!

I have 5 spaces left and these will go quickly! Here is the link to learn more and feel free to reach out with any questions at all. (

Im here to serve and I look forward to clearing blocks and creating abundance before 2017 hits! You with me? Lets rock 2017, cuz you deserve it!

In Unity and Freedom,

Shelley 🙂


Its my Birthday… And I Have a little Something to Say :)

Today is my birthday..and Im sharing to thank you all…and I felt maybe you could relate to my intention 😉

…from one holistic entrepreneur to another 🙂

It has been such an interesting year with so many gifts to be open to receive and also challenges to stay present for…

Just the gift of another year on the planet is enough to be grateful for but to have so much love and blessings in my life feels overwhelming today. Work that I feel committed and passionate about, a vision that excites me to my core, sweet friends and loved ones and so many opportunities for growth and change!

I realize that the last few months and recovering from an accident I have had to surrender so many things and the way I thought my life would be going this year… But in that I have received so many gifts I had no idea were around the corner. New fulfilling relationship, new partnerships, an opportunity for deeper self-care and a real chance to get to know myself on another level.
Thank you for walking this journey with me, supporting me, sharing your truth, and being part of my life. I’m so excited for what is about to unfold😊

My intention this year is to live in more joy and humor! I can be so serious and my challenge is sometimes to embrace the reality that ultimately things don’t make sense! The only thing that truly makes sense is letting go of anything we continue to hold onto… and this year I intend to do it with a smile😊

“We need to bring a sense of humour to all aspect of our lives – even to positive aspects such as well-being, harmony, and peace. When we take these things too seriously, Joy becomes pain, peace becomes annoying, and harmony becomes contrived. To have genuine have any, peace, and joy, we need to cut through seriousness with a sense of humor.”– Dzigar Kongtrula25r6838

I am asking of my friends and colleagues to share their own TIPS on how to keep smiling, regardless of what is going on- What do you do to “keep the humour”? I would love to know 🙂

Thank-you for being you, for being part of my community here, and for continuing to support me on mine. I am so grateful- and today I want to just thank YOU!

In Unity and Freedom 🙂


Now THAT was fun! Super Insane One Time Offer Inside!

Today was just awesome and it feels so good to be finishing off that incredible 5 day challenge on leadership with so many fabulous LEADERS!!

Now if you caught that lifestream today, you might be asking yourself…

Have I gone crazy???
Well..maybe 😉 …But thats not why I am offering this INCREDIBLE one time offer to help you take this 5 day challenge to the next level and leverage the momentum you have created this week!!!
Did you watch video 5 yet??? If not, be sure to go there first: VIDEO 5!

I am opening up 6 spaces (only 5 left now) to work 1:1 and hep you create solid congruency, and break through the the areas that are keeping you stuck in your biz! We are going too create massive momentum and have you kicking into high gear for the Month of October!!!


What is your investment? ONLY $47.00 USD!

Here are the juicy details! 🙂
1. Two 1:1 20 minute power clarity calls to get you into massive momentum and start October out right!
2. Four days rolling of unlimited email support from yours truly! ( access to me like this is incredibly limited)
3. An opportunity to create a 30 day plan to take your monthly income to the next level!
4. Clear, essential steps to get you congruent with where you are at!
5. Simple but Essential Homework Assignments over the 4 days to get you creating with power, joy and confidence rather than being stuck in fear, stagnancy and disconnect!

So who’s ready to take INSPIRED action and start moving forward off the tail of this inspiring and powerful challenge??

Only 5 spots left! Be sure to email me or respond here ASAP to hold your spot!!!

In Unity and Freedom,
Shelley 🙂

PS- Calls Start Sept 26th but first come first serve for spots..these will go immediately so don’t wait!

Day 3 and 4 Have Been Amazing! 5 Days of Conscious Leadership Training!

Wow! Thats all I can say!

Its been so inspiring to watch everyone dive into the Conscious Leadership Challenge with both feet this week and the breakthrough’s have been so incredible to watch!

What most leaders are beginning to understand is that we absolutely MUST have a solid foundation in order to build a successful empire. And this is the very step that is often missed out in most business and coaching training. It may not be as sexy as webinars and blogs..but it is absolutely ESSENTIAL!

Here’s the thing you need to realize about your community –

They want YOU. All of you.

They don’t want your fancy program
They don’t your blueprints and checklists
They don’t want your slides and videos and content

They simply want you. BUT they want the YOU that is congruent and authentic to her message and really passionate about her direction and her values!

On Day 3 (GO here) I dove into Congruency and on Day 4 (GO here), it was all about that juicy word we all know so well…COMMITMENT!

If you haven’t watched the lifestreams in the Conscious Coaching Entrepreneurs Facebook Group– be sure to jump over there now and catch up..because DAY 5 is going to be a game changer tomorrow!

See you there at 12 noon PST in the group!


In Unity and Freedom,

Shelley 🙂