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Day 2 of 5 Day Challenge..Transparency and Leadership = SALES!

Wowzers! That was such a fun lifestream today and thanks for jumping on to engage in todays challenge around being transparent and really cultivating a powerful intro message!

I would love to hear your take- aways so far so be sure to post below! And if you didn’t get a chance to watch Day 2 of the challenge, go HERE to watch the live stream! 🙂

Today I talked about the 2nd Pillar of Leadership: Transparency and my invitation in the challenge today was to practice being your transparent self by putting together a short intro on who you are and what you do…in 5 simple steps! Be sure to watch the live video because this is NOT what you think..and it WORKS!

I am so pumped to jump on tomorrow and share DAY 3…. See you there! 

In Unity and Freedom 🙂


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Challenge, Day 2 Tomorrow! Mastering Pillar #2: Leadership!

Hey everyone! Great to have you on the live stream today!

If you missed it, not to worry- I will share the 12 questions for your challenge below!… and here is the link to catch up!

Watch the lifestream from Day 1 HERE!

Ok, did you head on over for the juicy training on Mastering Values for success? Pillar #1 is all about AUTHENTICITY and values are a HUGE component! Ok..go over and watch the lifestream now 🙂

….Now that your back, lets dig in!

Your challenge again is to fin your personal hierarchy of values!

Don’t forget for each one you are doing the most, then the second most, then the third most. Three answers for each! I can’t wait to watch your videos this week! Post away in the Conscious Coaching FB Group!😊🌟

1. How do you fill your time the most?
2. What energizes you the most?
3. How do you spend money the most? On what?
4. Where are you organized the most?
5. Where are you the most reliable, disciplined and focused?
6. What inwardly do you think about the most? In other words what are your innermost dominant thoughts?
7. What do you visualize and realize the most( in other words, what do you visualize most about how you would love your life to be – that is gradually showing fruits and coming into reality?)
8. what do you internally dialogue with yourself mostly about?
9. What do you talk most about in social settings?
10. What inspires you or are you inspired by the most?
11. What is your most consistent long-term goal?… Stretch yourself for this!
12. What are the topics of study that inspire you the most? In other words, where do you find yourself mostly at the bookstore? What TV documentaries draw you?

I look forward to watching your videos and hearing what your top five values are and how this will help your business!

Are you just joining in now? Now worries! Be sure to head on over the Conscious Coaching Entrepreneurs Facebook Group now to watch Video ONE posted today!

I will be live in the group tomorrow for Day 2 at 10 am pst- See you there!!

In Unity and Freedom,

Shelley 🙂

Day 1 Training: 5 Pillars of Leadership Starts Tuesday, 13th!

Conscious Coaches!

Im more than excited to share with you the 5 levels of Leadership this week in a magnetic and interactive training where you will be asked to practice your own tools and techniques while receiving mastery level training on these essential coaching elements!

Tomorrow ( Tuesday, Sept. 13) at 9.45 am PST I will be live in the Conscious Coaching Entrepreneurs Facebook Group so be sure to join us there to participate in this high level training. Day 1 is all about ( drum roll please)…AUTHENTICITY!

Have a peek here on what to expect and mark your planners- can’t wait to play with you in the Conscious arena of coaching tomorrow!


Sweet Dreams!

In Unity and Freedom 🙂






Why I spent over $140,000 in Personal Growth and Development..

This week I signed up for my 3rd coaching mentorship/ personal development this year ( since Jan). I have spent over $60,000 in training over the past year alone and over $80,000 in the 5 years leading up to my biz.
I share this because I am not rich.
I have not had this money set aside for training.

I do not live with a man who brings in a second income. And I do not have family support and never have. I have been on my own since I was 18.
I am committed. That is all. I am a 2 feet in kinda gal.

I want this. I deserve this. I will make it and I will serve millions because I know my purpose and I believe in my mission very, very deeply. This is really the only reason why I KNOW I will thrive.
What I see consistently with coaches is that the focus become so heavily concentrated on the “outer tools” that the inner resources never have a chance to unfold, never have an opportunity to develop and create a solid base.


The mentor I am working with now said something to me that I will never forget- and its something I know in my soul because its been my experience.… I asked him why he wasn’t asking me a million questions about my business out of the gate- like, he didn’t ask any details about the work I really did on our first meeting!
His response was, “ Because I don’t work with businesses, I work with people. I don’t care about the business- I care about you- what YOU are doing.”

Hello! Yes! If you work on yourself, your business will grow. period. best personal development out there is to start a biz..but only if you step in with both feet. Making the decision to do this is the hardest part when you are new..after you really make this decision- the rest is history.
I don’t think we should be running around buying this program and that workshop- not at all. But I think if you are in business and you are not ALWAYS working on yourself in some capacity, you are inevitably moving backwards- not forwards. This is why my coaching programs ALL offer a personal component.

If we are not doing our own “work” as coaches- how can we expect our clients to?
Im committed to the conscious coaching model, being present for personal development and real change- because I want results. My own, for my clients and for my colleagues as well.

Would love to hear your thoughts 🙂

In Unity and Freedom,

Shelley 🙂

Big Perspective Shift that Changed Everything! (Its not what you think!)

One of the biggest Perspective shifts that had me first solidify those $10,000 months for me was this:


This is no joke, and it took me a LONG time to figure it out. I don’t know about you, but when I was starting out as a coach I would get stuck in the overwhelm and disappointment phase because where I wanted to be was SO far from where I was, and what made it worse? I was planning for the present looking towards the future….

And when I did this, I would look forward towards the future and my mind would get caught up in worrying about whether I can overcome a number of stumbling blocks to achieving my goals… Not only that but looking from the present to the larger future forced me to look from a smaller picture to a bigger one- and it was so easy to miss things this way!!

This perspective shift changed everything for me guys- like everything. I realized that there are 2 components essentially to every successful business: vision and structure. I had solidified my vision and was in aligned with where I was going… but I was approaching my structure completely backwards!
The shift was realizing that I had to plan FROM THE LARGER FUTURE TO THE PRESENT!


By starting with the larger picture of the future, thinking I had already achieved my goals, I can imagine things with certainty- I act as if Im in the future then look back to see how I did it! My brain seems to think I have already managed the difficulties along the way!!!

From this place of “thinking big”, I then had to put the structures in place to support the vision. Thinking big is not enough without structure. I then broke things down into steps and momentum would kick in taking me to my next stage of growth..continuously!

*** What is your experience with starting from the future and working backwards with business structure and vision?

I would love to hear!! 🙂

In Unity and Freedom,

Shelley 🙂

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