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Binge Eating

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Problematic Eating is a term that describes any situation whereby a person is not able to eat without stress of some kind. Usually, but not always, this person is also overly concerned with weight and shape, or has a strong concern about how one looks. A person with Problematic Eating will experience emotional, environmental, cognitive and/or interpersonal triggers that will lead them to act out in behaviors that are destructive around food. Eating emotionally, because of feelings, is one factor that may exist and/or eating compulsively, in a trance state, consuming food long after the point of being full.

Often, a problematic eater will experience episodes of eating compulsively, and often experience Binge Eating. This is when one is rapidly eating large amounts of food at one sitting. Usually there is some restriction going on before the binge (but not always) and therefore psychologically the body and mind want to make up what was missed. If restriction is not present, then binging itself becomes the focus and a person will move into this trance state at every eating episode, often eating alone because of embarrassment, and shame.

Binge Eating Disorder:

  • Eating unusually large amounts of food- even when not even hungry
  • Overeating until you’re uncomfortably full
  • Feeling that your eating behavior is out of control
  • Feeling guilty or upset about your eating
  • Feeling depression and anxiety
  • Frequently dieting/losing and gaining weight repeatedly
  • Eating rapidly during binge episodes
  • Frequently eating alone

If you have 4 or more of these symptoms, you may in fact be a BINGE EATER.

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