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Did you hear the Big News!? that was fun! Nothing much more exciting than talking to a bunch of power hourse women who have huge vision to transform their lives and those around them- one vision at a time! If you didn’t get a chance to watch the lifestream in the Emotional Eating... read more


Im so excited, I can barley stand it!  And Im so happy to be sharing with you 🙂 After months of slowly uncovering the big changes, and up-levelling happening in Emerging Jewel, I am more than thrilled to be uncovering them all with you- my tribe! Firstly, please let... read more

Living in Truth

LIVING IN TRUTH One of the most common characteristics of a problematic eater is an inability to speak up. I see women who do not speak their truth, and live in a place that is not in alignment with their value systems and highest good all too often in my... read more

I Actually Quit Coaching at one Point…

Just 8 years ago, I was stressed out working in this industry as a health coach.Too many times my clients would come back week after week without making any progress. They would lose a few pounds just to gain it all back again. Every session with a client like this... read more

Food Cravings and The Countdown!

FOOD CRAVINGS! With problematic eaters you must be very careful not to start with ” food transfers” right at the beginning of their recovery. It seems to make sense to try to “fix” what appears broken but without a system, problematic eaters... read more

4 Private Call Spots Available!

If I could do it..So can you… Many of you know my story. Most of you know that I suffered with an eating disorder from the very young age of 7.I would walk to the bus top in the morning, just having finished breakfast and eat all of my lunch there before getting to... read more

48 Hour Flash SALE!

Emotional Eating Coaches- The most effective Tools for YOU!!! What a fantastic live training last night right!? Replay is available for 48 hours if you were not able to make it! We covered so many juicy bits like: the background of neuroscience and cognitive... read more

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