Breaking Free of Problematic Eating
A 12 Week Program

Now Launches Monthly!

Are you tired of being defeated, frustrated, and anxious around food, shape and or weight?

Are you tired of being on and off of the diet cycle, never experiencing any lasting results?

Are you sick of turning to food for every reason other than simply for nourishment?

Even though you have every intention of eating in a healthy and conscious way, are you exhausted of waking up in or after a food trance? Are you done with making promises every day to do it differently, hiding from your ” trigger foods” and having rules for yourself around being ” good”? This book is for you if :

  • Scott movie book cover2You are often saying ” tomorrow it will be different” but nothing seems to change
  • You turn to food to deal with emotions
  • You eat unconsciously and wish you hadn’t once its over
  • You have a very critical inner voice that judges you for eating or not eating the “right” food
  • You have tried every diet out there, and nothing works permanently
  • You are sick and tired of being on the roller coaster
  • You must loose weight and you want to do it in a healthy way that will last
  • You think and/ or obsess about food a lot of the time
  • You cannot seem to loose the weight you need to regardless of what ” diet” you have tried
  • You are ready to look inside and change the thoughts that are affecting true recovery
  • You are ready to heal…for life
  • You are ready to make peace with food ( It is not the enemy)

How To Heal

What is often missing in the recovery of a person with problematic eating (emotional eating, compulsive eating, stress eating, overeating) is a change of THINKING…it is about moving from automatic, compulsive thinking to mindful, rational thought. Although it seems quite easy and obvious that one should simply adjust their thinking and make different choices, it is often not so simple due to habit behaviours, unwritten rules that shape actions and distorted perception.

This manual is for individuals who suffer from any kind of Problematic Eating. It is helpful to use with the guidance of a qualified mentor and/or in a group workshop setting. This book will cover the “in between” time of a structured 12 week recovery program and it will share the necessary steps to a full recovery from Problematic Eating.

Shelley offers 12 week programs on a monthly basis which work online and are interactive in a group setting. The manual is part of this comprehensive program that enables an individual to HEAL form Problematic Eating for life.


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