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Compulsive Eating

Compulsive Eating Help

Eating compulsively is very common for a problematic eater. Those needing compulsive eating help will eat mindlessly and often unconsciously and is sometimes not even present to what is going on until the eating episode is over. If you are experiencing 3 or more of the following you may need compulsive eating help.

Do you….

Eat until you are full and uncomfortable?

Look forward to hiding out with food on your own?

Eat very quickly?

Have cravings for certain foods often?

Plan to have an eating episode ahead of time?

Feel guilt and shame when you are eating because of the amounts and the way you are eating?

Feel as though you lack control while you are eating?

Eat when you are not hungry?

Feel embarrassed by how you eat or how much you eat?

Feel an emotional release when you eat?

Feel sensitive to others comments about how you eat or your lack of willpower?


* If you try to “get rid” of food by over-exercising, vomiting, taking laxatives or restricting food intake then you may have an eating disorder, please see the bulimia page.