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Emotional Eating

Emotional Eating Help

Emotional eating, or eating out of an emotional response is one way that Problematic Eaters get “stuck” with food.

Emotional eating help is necessary when you feel your life is out of control with food or that you find yourself stuck in the same destructive behaviours over and over again. An emotional eater turns to food for comfort and as an escape from a thought, feeling or external circumstance. Some common characteristics for those needing emotional eating help are listed below:

  • Eating because of stress or an external circumstance
  • Using food as a reward
  • Overeat when feeling stress or discomfort
  • Eating until stuffed
  • Eating constantly
  • Food becomes a friend
  • Eating to calm the mind
  • Eating to feel better from unwanted feelings ( anxious, bored, worried)
  • Feel a lack of control with food

While it appears as though”emotions” are the trigger for an eaten episode, what most people don’t understand is that in fact it is the THOUGHTS behind the emotions that are the problem. Emotional eating is very common for the problematic eater and emotional eating help is effective when the focus is on changing the distorted thinking behind the eating episodes. This is the basis of my work.

For more information, see my 12 Week Program, and my Book: Food Freedom, Breaking Free of Problematic Eating; A 12 Week Program.