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Its time to expand your coaching reach and learn how to HEAL Emotional and Compulsive eaters! I have been using this 12 Week Program with great success the past several years and have now published this program. I am training others who would like to learn how to teach their clients how to BREAK FREE of the emotional component (the entire problem) associated with problematic eaters.

I know you’re bursting to share your message and expertise in a much BIGGER way! You were born to help 1000’s of people and make a HUGE difference as a Health Ambassador!

If you’re like me, growing your coaching business means living your true purpose. Its about waking up every day knowing you are transforming lives longterm in health and you are fulfilling your greatest potential on the planet!

Imagine Having…

  • A lucrative, 6 figure Coaching business that serves ANY client that walks in the door
  • A 50,000 annual increase in revenue by expanding your coaching reach to emotional eaters!
  • An easy- to-use proven system to reach Emotional and Compulsive Eaters of all types
  • The freedom to let go of worry and stress associated with clients not “sticking” to the program
  • Deep fulfillment and joy because you’re making the impact you were born for
  • A “done for you” program with all the tools to take your business from mediocre to thriving
  • Easy to use, cognitive exercises to use with clients who are stuck with old eating habits                   

You will learn simple techniques to :

  • Teach your clients how to use the power of mindset to stick to healthy eating
  • Elevate your coaching skills to empower clients to take responsibility for their health
  • Inspire Clients to commit to their plans without draining your time or energy

This program will teach you the CRUCIAL Steps to Healing Compulsive/ Emotional Overeating.

This program is designed step by step- and it works! 

If you are like many of my clients you may be feeling:

  • Frustrated with the revolving door of clients who can’t seem to break their bad acting habits
  • Exhausted trying to figure out how to help clients who don’t believe your program will work 
  • Overwhelmed because of a lack of resources to truly serve an emotional or compulsive eater
  • Tired of spending $5000 a year on programs that don’t really help you go deeper with clients
  • Fed up of working evenings and weekends to try to widen your reach in your practice

 “Breaking Free” Teacher’s Program includes:

  • One  1:1 Phone Sessions with me ( Cognitive Process Taught in depth) 
  • Several “body and being” mediations to use throughout your program
  • Five unique, ready to use, cognitive strategies to use with clients who are stuck on old thinking
  • Email support and guidance during the course of the program.
  • 12 easy to use, Published Modules to use immediately in your programs ( all adaptable).
  • Six  1:1 audio training calls, to walk you through each module with ease and confidence
  • A 30 minute Marketing Power Session to help your unique launch
  • A Video exploring the full cognitive process and HOW to use it
  • A private session in 6 month, 1:1 cognitive coaching program
  • Detailed instruction on how to facilitate the cognitive approach for ANY area a client is stuck
  • Teachings on how to use a food plan and food diary in a way that works for every client!
  • A step by step, 12 week program to take an emotional eater from being to stuck to complete FREEDOM! ( I did these steps myself,as have thousands of others… so I KNOW IT WORKS! )

This Program is NOT for you if…

  • You are happy to offer a simple, “quick fix” program that focuses on diet alone for your clients
  • You enjoy working day and night to adapt programs to meet the needs of “difficult clients “
  • You don’t want to reach a larger audience with your health programs
  • You are not looking to expand your market and your own personal development

COST : $395 American ( Lowest Price this will be Offered, for a limited time!)

START DATE:  May 1, 2016 ( support is offered for 8 weeks following start date)

Stop spending $1000 every 3 months on programs that do nothing for your business long term! Learn how to do something your competitors are NOT doing!

Who is this For?

  • You are a professional who works with people with “food” issues ..WE ALL DO!
  • You know that it is not about the food but you don’t know how to facilitate this healing 
  • You have a desire to help your clients heal FOR LIFE
  • You want to learn cognitive process for all areas of life
  • You are not looking for bandaid solutions to health but REAL healing
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