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Thank you so much for creating a program that address problematic eating meganfrom a new perspective. As a professional, and someone who has struggled with problematic eating, this hits the nail on the head! I can’t wait to share with my clients 🙂


Megan Lacourse, BC


As a Holistic Nutritionist and Eating Psychology Coach, Shelley’s Food

christieFreedom program has provided me with another unique practical tool for my practice. It compliments my eating psychology studies perfectly but doesn’t overlap with what I have already learned. I highly recommend Food Freedom to nutritionists, health coaches, and Eating Psychology Coaches who work with problematic eaters. Thanks for a great tool Shelley!

 Christie Gibbs, Australia

deborah“Shelley’s wisdom and compassionate counselling skills comes from a deep place of personal experience, dedicated practice and continual learning.  Having the opportunity to work with her will be a wonderful gift to yourself!”

Deborah Dunn, New York

ang copy“Shelley Ugyan walks her talk every day. She’s been “there” and now shares her wisdom on how to heal. Whether its in a coaching capacity or leading workshops and retreats, she is truly gifted in her facilitation and healing techniques. She has a sparkle in her eye and is a bright light in the world of Wellness. “

 – Angela Hyreniuk, Australia/Vancouver

haley“Shelley is a wonderful warm hearted spirit who truly cares about her clients and friends.  She knows how to bring out the best qualities of people through her positive outlook on life and wellbeing.  I really believe that Shelley is meant to be a Coach for people as my experience with her has made me grow as an individual and believe that anything is possible if you want it hard enough!”

– Haley Kelly, Saskatchewan


natalie” Passionate, determined, and powerful are not enough words to describe Shelley Ugyan.  I have been blessed to know this lovely lady for a while now and all I can say is that she has made me a better person than anyone else could ever have… in all aspects of my life! Through the love, persistence and leadership she possesses, she’s a force to be reckoned with. Shelley’s a beam of light and emits positive energy wherever she goes. All I can say is thank you for walking into my life.”

– Natalie Sugawara, Vancouver


hannah“Shelley has been so amazing in helping me learn SO much. She is so sweet and totally invaluable! She has changed my life in many different ways. “.

Hannah, Tennessee

nadiaShelley mentored me through the most challenging time in my life. Her loving and light energy was indispensible to me. Shelley is light and full of humour, with a deep spiritual discipline that influences all that she does. She is a loving and empowering woman. ” Nadia C., Vancouver


andrina copy“Shelley has a very supportive way of encouraging someone further. In a very short period of time working with Shelley I experienced a huge growth personally and for my business. She is always there to answer questions and will make herself fully available to support someone.”

Andrina Tisi, Vancouver


nicole“Shelley is a true inspiration for those ready to transform their health and wellness. Her generous nature, warm spirit and gentle words of encouragement leave you thinking that you can conquer whatever is standing in your way! I feel so blessed to have worked with Shelley!” Nicole Beardsley, Australia

skye copy“Thank goodness for Shelley Ugyan. She has been a critical guide and leader to me. Her timing is impeccable, presenting me with enough to keep me moving forward and not too much to make me crazy. Focusing on self development, Shelley is very good at asking reflective and slightly provocative questions in a non-judgemental way. I always feel heard and understood, thus being able to move onto the next stage of self awareness. I really appreciate how she has helped me to create the type of business I want to run with integrity and poise. I love that we can laugh together as her spirits are always bright and full of encouragement.- In gratitude.  

Skyelea Farr, Vancouver, BC


kristin smallShelley is an amazing, inspiring and compassionate person with such bright energy, that you can’t help but smile and be filled with joy after talking or being with her. Her passion and commitment to inner beauty, personal development and self love has made me a more radiant, self confident woman. Her wisdom and love to serve others has been invaluable. Shelley has been a wonderful influence in my life and am thankful beyond words for all that she has done for me. Kristen, Denver, CO

susanne howes copy“Thank you for your leadership and encouragement as I embark on a path of Optimal Health for myself, family, and friends. Your knowledge and guidance have proved to be invaluable and is greatly appreciated! ” – Suzanne , Vancouver


jen perry copyWhat can I say about Shelley Ugyan except that she has changed my life. She never gave up on me when I was overwhelmed and resistant. It was her belief in me and consistent building of my strengths that has allowed me to grow and blossom into the strong woman I see in the mirror, now capable of tackling any challenge sent my way.”- – Jennifer Perry, Philadelphia


kate small
When I met Shelley I was instantly drawn to her openness, intuitive wisdom and ability to share from the heart. I have had the honor of working with and knowing Shelley for years and I can honestly attribute much of my healing to her and her unique way of reaching people. She shares from a place of experience and never judgement. This in itself allowed me the courage to really open up and dig deep into the core of my struggles. She holds the space for you and she does it with an abundance of love. I can not say enough about her. I will never be able to fully express my gratitude for the continual support and influence she offers.– Kate, Oregon

What People Are Saying About the 12 Week Program!

I started working with Shelly the summer of 2014 for my problematic eating. From the first time I spoke with her she “got it” she truly understood what i was struggling with! I’ve tried talking to others in the past but they did not get it like Shelly did! It was such a refreshing change. During her 12 week program she helped me a lot with teaching me about self care, meeting my needs and learning new patterns to break the food cycle. Shelly was always warm and kind, she was available to us whenever we need her. She really fully got what we were going through and is a great instructor to help break free! Shelly has helped me heal so much already and has lead me in the right direction for further healing. I also wish Shelly all the best in her journey to helping and healing others! Thank you Shelly for caring and the great impact you’ve made on my life and the lives of others.
Shelley started coaching me in August 2014 for an eating disorder. From the start of our interactions, Shelley was calming & reassuring. She helped me commit to her Problematic Eating Program and it was the best decision I have made for myself. She coached me through my struggles and each week, provided modules to work through and taught us tools to use for our recovery. I learned about self-care and honouring my inner self to create a strong, vibrant relationship with myself. I understand the root causes of my old disorder and am able to recognize patterns and prevent relapses. Shelley was always timely, organized and patient with us and really created a little network and safety net for us to open up and start the healing process. I have learned so much from Shelley and couldn’t have made it to where I am (binge-free!!!) without her. I am so thankful for her program and for the confidence it has given me to let go of all the things that no longer serve me in my life. I wish her all the best and hope she continues saving other people’s lives by empowering them to break free of their eating disorders!!

I have found Shelley Ugyan’s 12 week Problematic Eating Course to be very helpful. I have struggled for years with this issue and finally decided there has to be another way – I mean other than the normal dieting regime. This course is helping me to see that it is not the food that is the problem but my thinking around food. This program focuses on one little change after another, it is not a ‘diet’ that you will either succeed or fail at, but a return to a normal pattern of eating and thinking. It is not easy but when has anything worthwhile come easily? I highly recommend this program for people who want to stop torturing themselves with food and the weight gain/loss roller coaster.
Janice Partridge

I’m so glad I found and began working with Shelley 3 months ago – in this short time, I’ve come so far. I have struggled with latent anxiety manifested as disordered eating, binge drinking and other compulsive behaviours for the past 12 years. Shelley has guided me through open discussion, collaborative analysis and self-directed logging of thoughts and feelings, to uncover the root psychological causes of my unhealthy behaviors. We have partnered to develop new thoughts and behaviours to replace my automatic negative patterns. I am profoundly excited to continue on this path that Shelley has helped put me on, and become the positive and powerful woman I have always been underneath my destructive constructs. Finally, for the first time in my life, I feel empowered to take control of the way I think, feel and move in the world.
I have worked with Shelley one on one and I can say I am officially in recovery from BED. For the first time ever (and I’ve worked with MANY counsellors/therapists) I am getting to the deeper causes of my eating disorder. I have given up the dieting, restriction, binge cycle – all with Shelley’s intuitive guidance. I am in self/care and working on the deeper thoughts that have kept me stuck for SO long. I have found Shelley to be knowledgable, needs based and as I said earlier incredibly intuitive. I cannot recommend her highly enough. I have so many tools/strategies to use as well. She is always close by if needed. If you are wanting to get out of BED and begin to experience freedom with food or you have gotten stuck and need help, then I truly encourage you to reach out to Shelley. She’s been there, she knows, she understands and she knows how to get out of it.
Annette H.
Throughout the years I’ve worked with a variety of coaches, therapists and tried out different programs related to my issues with food and it wasn’t until I worked with Shelley that I was able to identify what was at the root of my habits and patterns. By identifying the triggers, I was able to see clearly what was driving my crazy behavior around eating and dieting that had kept me in a painful spiral over the years and why so many other attempts at treating had failed. Shelley has a relatable and real approach to her work and she would be my go-to for anyone struggling with any food related issues.
Ali V.
“I feel like before the program I didn’t have a clear picture of what I wanted my life to look like and why I wanted recovery. By working with Shelley, I now have a good idea as to what the compulsive eating was doing for me and now have alternative actions I can do instead. It’s all about progress, not perfection and I’m ok with that now. No more black and white thinking.The 12 weeks were challenging but doable. They were also some of the best weeks of my life because I dedicated them to learning more about myself and my triggers. I felt like the group calls and modules really helped to set me up for the week ahead.
I really liked the idea of being gentle with myself through the process and realizing that this is a process. Honouring where I am in the moment and not beating myself up is something I have taken away. I also really like the ‘crowding out’ tool which allows me to be social with friends without losing control.I think the program was perfect. I liked the small group and that everyone really had a chance to get to know one another.”
– Christy H.

Starting the Freedom Food program with Shelley was one of the best personal investments I could have ever done for myself. The program has shed so much light and insight on why problematic eating occurs for me and that truly is the key I had been missing all along. Throughout my struggle with problematic eating, particularly binge eating, in attempts to correct the issue I would always try to go back to “self-control” and “self-discipline” tactics. I would take the diet approach and try to act based on the list of “shoulds” that I had created for myself based around eating. This never had a lasting effect and always left me falling back into the trap of uncontrolled binges and feelings of guilt, shame, and disappointment. Feeling like a failure left me in a continual viscous cycle of always reverting back to food for comfort. After going through the program and learning the reasons behind problematic eating I can truly say that I have learned the tools necessary to become free from problematic eating with lasting results. These tools have helped me to dig deep into the roots of my thought process which has helped me to understand my emotions and therefore my actions. I have learned different self-care strategies and the importance of why implementing these daily is crucial to the success of me becoming free from problematic eating. Shelley not only offered amazing material but also a caring and easy-to-approach attitude. Having had her own experiences surrounding this issue in the past made her a very compassionate and empathetic mentor in the program. I truly recommend this program to anyone who deals with any issues regarding problematic eating or has had a struggle with their weight – you will not regret it.”
– Kayla.

I am so thankful I found the program Shelley has put together for problematic eating. It has changed my life and the way I feel and interact with not only food, but other people. Shelley, along with her 12 week program has been a fantastic guide that really encouraged me to dig deep into my own mind, body and spirit to come upon recovery of my disordered eating. For the first time in years, I can honestly say I feel excited to continue with the self-progress I have made thus far. Shelley’s approach to healing from disordered eating is absolutely inspiring, she comes to the table with so much experience and support, guiding you past your personal barriers and set backs. In the 12 weeks that I worked with Shelley, I have learned more about myself, my thoughts and how I react physically and emotionally, than I ever have in many previous years of my life. I am beyond appreciative that Shelley has created this program to support people who are suffering with any form of disordered eating. If I had not of stumbled upon this program, I can honestly say my future would be a downward spiral of self-destructive habits. The information and guidance I received from this program is priceless & I will be forever grateful.
– Ashley A.

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