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Wellness Counseling

Wellness Counseling for a New and Improved YOU!

“Change your Thinking, Transform Your HEALTH!”

My approach to wellness counselling is not to dwell on calories, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. It is not to create lists of restrictions or good and bad foods. Instead, I work with my clients to create a happy, healthy life that is easily maintained due to good THINKING practices.

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One with nature

Together, though wellness counselling, we’ll work to reach your health goals in areas such as achieving a positive mindset and self love, eliminating destructive food patterns and  behaviours,  optimal weight, decreasing food cravings, sustaining a daily sense of peace and well-being, feeling a sense of connection to the inner self and the outer world, and maximizing energy. As we work together, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of the thoughts that are affecting your lifestyle choices,a deeper sense of the innate power you have over your own mental ( and therefor physical) well-being, and implement lasting changes that will improve your energy, balance and health.

*Are you fed up with your destructive  behaviour around food?

*Are you fed up with the choices you make with food ? 

*Have you tried different “quick fixes” to alleviate your compulsive behaviours but always find yourself back in the same place?

*Have you chastised yourself for poor behaviours?

*Have you swore to yourself never again a thousand times?

If you are ready to choose freedom and want to feel confident and peaceful in your life, and therefore HEALTHY, then this personalized program will radically improve your health and happiness.

Choosing Health for Life is two-fold:

1. Learning and integrating new healthy lifestyle behaviours so they become “AUTOMATIC”.

2. Learning and integrating new healthy choices-that is THINKING- so the healthy thinking becomes “AUTOMATIC”


*Are you ready to make peace with food ( or any other self defeating behaviours)? (They are not the enemy)

*Are you ready to internalize automatic healthy lifestyle behaviors today and for the rest of your life?

*Are you ready to internalize automatic healthy thinking today and for the rest of your life?

“The end of the war with the mind, is the end of the war” description”

In order to THINK better, you must learn how to calm the mind…

“Meditation and Mindfulness”

How Meditation Helps

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Meditation is a pathway to freedom and by being present and mindful moment to moment, driven, compulsive behaviours can be transformed for good.

When you are “reacting” to life, you suffer as you  become victim to your negative thought patterns and beliefs. For example, when you react to eating a chocolate cookie with self defeating thoughts and compulsive eating behaviours, you may further activate the conditioned mind and destructive thought process. By training the mind, you can CHOOSE what you want to eat and when, without having any old stories or patterns associated with the food.

To integrate new, healthy patterns and thought processes in our body, you can cultivate mindfulness(shamatha), by observing sensations and thoughts without reacting to triggers. To a great extent, we are creating our experience of the world through our unique patterns which are held in the body.

It is merely your thoughts, beliefs and patterns that have you react, not reality itself. A reaction to chocolate chip cookies is not about the cookies themselves, but about a person’s own history; thoughts and patterns, associated with the cookies. You CAN change your thoughts, and therefore your patterns and perceptions can be transformed as well!

I teach and lead meditation and mindfulness for short periods throughout the 12 week program. Clients have a meditation practice that is accessible at the end of the program. I also work with this tool individually with clients.
“People perceive the same object differently, as each persons perception follows a separate path from anothers” description=”- Patanjali”]

To calm the mind….you must BE IN the body…

“Body Awareness”

Body Awareness is about integrating new thinking in the physical form. As an eating disorder therapist, this is my primary focus with my clients. First we look at what distorted thinking is behind the unwanted behaviour of eating too much, or any other problematic eating behaviours that are causing harm, and then how to embody this new way of being in the body.

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My journey with mindfulness and thought transformation began over 15  years ago as I began to get curious at how breath and mindful movement could co-facilitate the transformation of thought and body awareness in a powerful way. Spending a year in Northern India, training and studying, and receiving teaching certification in Akhanda Yoga under Yogi Vishveketu, I began to combine eastern philosophy and structure with the western cognitive transformative practices that have changed my life. I believe that to recover fully from “problematic eating”, we must not only transform our THINKING but also begin to create an intimate connection with our physical bodies. 

I have done wellness counseling for years and am very certain that when you change your thinking, your body will also begin to shift. As you learn how to be present, rather than stuck in the past or worrying about the future, you are able to develop a conscious connection with the body which is necessary for healing. From this place, you have CHOICE in thought and begin the process of transformation.

The following are some steps the I teach in my online program to create body awareness and are done in collaboration with cognitive exercises.  We practice  breath and body awareness and as part of the 12 week program in combination with a radical shift in stuck thoughts and belief systems around food and body image.







7. EFT

For a more in depth look, please check out my book launching in March 2015: Food Freedom, Breaking Free of Problematic Eating, A 12 Week Program

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