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I offer workshops locally in Vancouver, BC to a variety of institutions such as : gyms, naturopath and medical doctor’s offices, chiropractor, acupuncture and massage therapy offices and well as wellness clinics.

My workshops vary from 30 minutes- 2 hours and I explore in detail the steps to recovering from Emotional and Compulsive Eating. I provide my audience with a unique set of tools that they are able to walk away with and use immediately. Learning the system of how to discern between rational and distorted thinking and then having a proven method to transform this thinking is the basis of my work. Individuals leave the session feeling empowered, hopeful and supported.

All participants are offered a complimentary 45 minute consultation as part of the workshop.
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Wellness practitioners who wish to align with the recovery work quickly see a benefit to their own practice, being able to provide their clients with an ongoing set of tools and long term follow up for their own services.

To book a COMPLEMENTARY wellness workshop, please contact Shelley at:

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I also offers workshops to Education Based Institutes such as schools for Naturopathy, Chinese Medicine, Orthomolecular, Western Medicine, and Life Coaching. The outline for my seminars often look similar to the one below ( created for a Naturopath) but adjustments can be made as needed.

Part 1- Definitions ( DSM 5) : ( 1 hour)

(Emotional Eating, Compulsive Eating, Restrictive Eating, Bulimia, Anorexia, Binge Eating, Exercise Bulimic, Obesity, Under Eating,etc….)

– I will have the students creating what they believe to be definitions for all of these. As we come back together to discuss, I will hand out a short quiz on this to have their engagement and involvement in the dialogue. What is important here is to understand that while these disorders are all on the same continuum, they are all very different disorders. We will see the range in the categories here.

Part 2- Conscious Eating- Behavioral and Thinking ( 1 hour)

What does Conscious Eating mean ? ( to THINK better)

* Explain the CBT approach…the premise is simple, but it is not easy.

The first thing to create for conscious eating :

1. Food Diary– For 2 weeks min.

2. Food Plan- Discuss the difference between a Food Plan and a DIET.

– The ” prescription” of  a naturopath will need to be part of a food plan. The difference? A prescription is other directed and a food plan is self directed. ( The premise of CBT is to allow you to “do the work”) Of course there will be prescription but when there is both, the client begins to THINK for themselves- become CONSCIOUS.

3. Tools– Chew, pause, breath…etc. ( This is a conscious exercise- they must THINK about what it means, and understand what the food plan is for.). You create consciousness here.


Part 3- Maintaining Factors ( 1 hour)

– Factors such as stress, care taking, negative/dysfunctional thinking keep the eating disorder active

  1. Relaxation Response
  2. Stress Reduction
  3. Yoga/ Breath
  4. Cognitive Work ( black and white thinking , ” should’s” )

– Lead students through an example of a cognitive exercise.

– What is STRESS ?

– Discuss community, isolation, loneliness, boundaries (Factors can be more than psychological)

Please contact me at: to book a session.